Sound Proofing

Sound Proofing

Woman lying in bed covering head with pillow because too loud annoying noise keeps her up all night long. Irritated female suffering from noisy neighbors, trying to sleep after alarm wake-up signal
Do you hear that? Does it sound like you can hear every word of the people in the next room?

The Issue:

The insulation in your walls is not thick enough or possibly the correct insulation wasn’t used to block the sound from the next room.

The Solution:

During any building project or remodeling an effective way to improve soundproofing performance to walls and ceilings is to add insulation.

The Options:

  • Cellulose: is ideal for small spaces and it can be used to dampen down noises. If using blown cellulose specifically for soundproofing you need to call a professional company to install it properly for you for it to be fully effective. It is very hard to do it yourself and ensure that you have installed it perfectly into the wall cavity.
  • Fiberglass Insulation: is inexpensive, and the properties of fiberglass with regards to temperature make it great for using for soundproofing. It is also a good alternative to mineral wool if you need thermal insulation as well as soundproofing.
  • Spray foam: By using an open cell spray foam you can apply it cleanly through holes in the wall (no bigger than the size of a dime) Once it enters the space, it expands dramatically, effectively sealing the smallest of cracks to keep the unwanted noise where it belongs.
When it comes down to it, we all want to be able to have quiet conversations in our homes without hearing the neighbors or the children in the next room and believe us we help our customers with this all the time. We can help you achieve the quietness you have been waiting for.


If you want to keep the sound out and finally get some peace and quiet, give us a call today! We will come and visit you here in the Baltimore area and give you a free estimate to tell you which insulation would work best for your space! Ensuring that you finally get silence.

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