long red brick road, showing community in baltimore

Insulation Codes For Baltimore

Some may wonder what the insulation codes are for us here locally in Baltimore. So, we have put together a simple chart to give us that information. The codes in the each county in the state of Maryland are all the same , minus one- Garrett County.

Ceiling R-value 38
Wood Frame Wall R-value 13
Mass Wall R-value i 5/10
Floor R-value 19
Basement Wall R-value c 10/13
Slab R-value d, Depth 10, 2 ft
Crawlspace Wall R-value c 10/13
Fenestration U-Factor b 0.35
Skylight U-Factor b 0.60
long red brick road, showing community in baltimore
  1. R-values are minimums. U-factors and SHGC are maximums. R-19 batts compressed into a nominal 2×6 framing cavity such that the R-value is reduced by R-1 or more shall be marked with the compressed batt R-value in addition to the full thickness R-value.
  2. This table applies to single-family, wood frame residential construction.
  3. Floors over outside air must meet ceiling requirements.
  4. R-values for walls represent the sum of cavity insulation plus insulated sheathing, if any.
  5. Basement Wall Insulation is not required in warm-humid locations.
This information has been provided from the IECC Climate Zone Map that you can find here.


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