7 Signs Your Baltimore Home Needs More Insulation

house with scarf. bad insulation
We have put together a list of  7 signs that your home here in baltimore needs more insulation. Sometimes it can be so obvious the whole time, but we can be completely oblivious to the signs. So here we have made it easy for us all, to recognize a lack of insulation in our homes.

1. Energy Bills-

This one can be more obvious than the others. Every month when it comes to paying our energy bill, do we notice that it just keeps increasing? This could be due to poor insulation. Insulation is needed to keep our homes energy running efficiently, by trapping in as much heat in the winter as possible and keeping our space cool in the summers.

2. Different Temperatures in Each Room-

We all know that the basement tends to be a cooler space in general because it is underground. But, what is not supposed to be common is walking from one room to the next and feeling a drastic change. Insulation is the key. Especially if we live in an older home, it is very likely that our insulation has begun to fail us and we need to install more insulation to keep the temperature of the house even.

3. Frozen Pipes-

The winter can be rough for everyone even our homes can take a beating when we are not well prepared. It is not unusual to hear of pipes being frozen and bursting in these brutal months. This problem can be taken care of with well insulated walls to protect our pipes.

4. Icicles Hanging From Roof-

Every kid loves them and parents know how dangerous they can be, but when we step outside onto our porches in the dead of winter we may notice long, frozen, daggers hanging from our roofs. The reason that is causing this is the warm air is escaping from inside our house, making its way into the attic and melting the snow on the roof.

5. Rodents and Insects-

Lets face it, creatures love to come indoors, especially when we are caught in the wintertime. When we think about how these rodents and insects are entering our homes, we know it is a culprit of our insulation. If we had well sealed nooks and crannies we wouldn’t have these pests coming inside.

6. Cold Drafts-

These are never fun. We can be enjoying ourselves indoors and then the next thing we know we get the chills. This could be due to a draft. If we happen to notice that we have closed all the doors and windows but we are still feeling a draft, it could be time to look at the insulation in our attics and crawl spaces.

7. Sound-

If we live in an area where we are in close living quarters with those around us, getting enough peace and quiet could be a big problem. We might hear people talking, children playing, voices from outside, or just a simple conversation in the next room over, well, whatever the case its important to have a well sound proofed home. A lack of insulation in the walls could be keeping us from achieving this.
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